Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Paper n Pen

Those were the days when I could put my thoughts into words only with the help of pen and paper. those were the days when I could take down lecture notes (sans shorthand) as fast as the teacher was talking.

But now, five minutes of writing with a pen and the hands begin to ache - just a lil. continue the effort and the protest becomes prominent. Pause to think of that apt word and the whole thought process goes for a toss. And what's more, the new wave of SMS words read funny on paper.

Any additional thought that pops up calls for arrows going all the way up and down the page or asterixes dotting the work here and there, and numerous prayers that it all makes sense when you read it at a later date.

Today, it's all about computers. Microsoft Word.doc helps put up an excellent, well-laid out, well-planned idea / thought.

Neat, justified, underlined, italicised, and bold. All additional thoughts can be inserted at just the right places; no arrows to follow and loose your way, no asterixes to confound you.

Tch. But why then, do I still miss the pen n paper? And the oh so cute 'PS'?

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