Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Different strokes

I never used to like that ad for Pears soap--the one where this little girl walks about the house with her eyes closed and looking for her mother. I especially used to hate the way the girl keeps saying chehela instead of chehera and mele liye instead of mere liye.

My grouse being that she was too old to flaunt such a lisp!

But my lil angel loves that ad--the way the 'chechi' and the mummy hug each other. And each time the ad airs on TV, my lil angel will hunt me out, repeat the words aapka chehela mele liye lucky hei and plant me with a bear hug and sometimes even a kiss. She literally melts while watching that ad and now, because of my kiddo and her bear hugs I too look forward to that ad.

Sigh... No wonder they say a child in your life can change your life...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The bat bogey hex be on you

People/organizations who schedule official meetings on a Sunday should be shot. Or maybe those agreeing to attend these Sunday meetings are the ones who should be shot?

Sunday is a holiday. Why will people not acknowledge and respect that?

The curse of the wives, wondering how to shop for necessary provisions and get those ‘things to be done’ done, be on these nincompoops.