Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hair-raising experience

Been giving the lil angel haircuts myself for quite some time now, but this summer the heat has been something terrible and so, though I gave her the usual haircut, I wanted to clear the mop of hair on the very top of her head. The madam sweats like anything and a nasty cold just added to my determination to take her to a parlour and give her a proper haircut.
So after two days of preparing her with nice didi will cut your hair and how smart the angel will look and taking her through the entire procedure of how this nice didi will first wrap a cloth around her, then comb her hair, then use scissors and snip snip snip off her hair and how my munchkin will finally look like a smart girl and a cute girl, we reached the parlour.

First shock: no didi. Uncle will cut baby’s hair. ULP!!!
Well, gotta give it to the lil one, she swallowed her dislike n distrust of uncles in general and allowed herself to be seated and draped. (well, her amma and appu-chacha were right there on either side of her)

Second shock: Uncle sprayed water on her head. (Amma did not warn me of this and I hate water anywhere near my face anyway…) And my, what a howl ensued…

Halfway through the screeching session I lost half my determination and started trying to convince the ‘uncle’ that a patchy job was acceptable if only he would wrap it up.

But Appu and the uncle were in no mood to surrender—so the lil angel wailed and screamed and howled. I’m sure she wanted to thrash about too, but Appu was holding her tight.

And I was ready to cry myself. I felt like such a traitor! I’d promised her only didi would cut her hair, and I didn’t do anything when they said otherwise. And then the guy goes and sprays water. Why oh why did I forget that? Tch.

And to top it all, the munchkin has a nightmare and screams out venda venda (no, no) in pure anguish. So we pat her and hug her and put her back to sleep. Then in the morning we broached the subject delicately, ask her why she cried.
“Uncle”, replies the darling, lips pouting and her face all sad... Gulp…

But one good thing is the lil one has been in a far better mood after the haircut. The heat dissipating at least a little, the mood also seems to have bettered. Whew…??

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